How big are your tents?

Most of our tents are 40 x 100 feet however we do have some that are 40 x 60. 
How long is a typical sale?

Our sales usually last 31 days but in some locations we do extend that time period depending on the mall availability and local zoning restrictions.

Do you have insurance?

Absolutely.  All of our tent owners meet or exceed the toughest standards set by most malls.  We provide documentation upon request.

How do you handle the legal rudiments for a sale?

USA's booking and legal department ensures that all tent owners abide by local zoning and fire codes as well as getting the required state sales tax licenses prior to starting a sale.

What is your customer guarantee?

USA's affiliates are committed to customer service and satisfaction.  We have an unconditional return policy.  If a customer is unhappy with a product for any reason, we stand behind it and will happily refund their money or exchange it for another product.

How does the mall benefit?

All of our tent owners pay rent for their locations and while this is pure profit to the mall, it probably isn't the biggest benefit.  Having parking lot events brings more customers to the mall, especially when that event utilizes local media to drive people to the mall.  Our tents all do some form of advertising for their sales from utilizing social media, to sending out post cards or running commercials on local TV and radio stations. 

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